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About Me

My name is Dominic Arrojado. I write tech blogs and create videos to share my knowledge and learnings in my web development experiences. It is my passion to translate design into code with great attention to details and solve complicated problems with simple solutions.

I'm currently based in Singapore and working at PropertyGuru Finance as a Lead Engineer.

Featured Projects

A selection of projects I've done so far.

  • Screenshot of Razer Chroma Studio WebGIF of Razer Chroma Studio Web

    Razer Chroma Studio Web

    Best Project

    A module of Razer Synapse recreated on the web that allows you to create various lighting effects and synchronize across multiple devices, while allowing you to follow the exact placement of your devices on your desktop.

  • Screenshot of QwerkGIF of Qwerk


    Best Project

    Project management + chat tool for productivity. It has notes and a timer feature as well.


A place to share my knowledge and learnings from my web development experiences.


Kind words from people I've worked with and currently working with.

  • Dom has been a great and consistent performer with the FinTech team for years. He has lead multiple front-end initiatives that have reduced day-to-day work for other team members. He has displayed great ownership in delivering multiple FinTech projects. He is known for his positive can-do attitude, maintaining high code quality, quickness with code reviews and collaboration with stakeholders.
    Manav Kamboj
    Chief Technology OfficerPropertyGuru Pte. Ltd.
  • Thanks for leading and supporting the team and also addressing critical issues. Thanks for your great work, very well-coordinated and delivered before time. Good work on finding efficient ways of doing recurring things. Together we made some good progress in the FinTech business and reached several milestones. I look forward to more amazing things!
    Chirag Goel
    Senior Engineering ManagerPropertyGuru Pte. Ltd.
  • Having worked with many teams of engineers, very rarely do I encounter engineers like Dom who demonstrate the perfect blend of skills, creativity, and initiative. I'm extremely fortunate to have such an engineer on the team. It has not only made my job easier, but we've also ended up with better end products - seamless collaboration, great exchange of ideas, quick and precise execution.
    Janice Lim
    Principle Product ManagerPropertyGuru Pte. Ltd.
  • Dom is fast and responsive for designer requests and super flexible for refinements. His attention to detail and work quality is solid. This helped a lot to build flawless products and features at a great speed. I work with him a lot and found it really easy to collaborate for pixel perfect designs.
    Rangana Chandrasena
    UI Design LeadPropertyGuru Pte. Ltd.
  • Dom is knowledgeable, driven, sharp and humble. I admire the passion he has for his craft and willingness to share knowledge. Some examples are, giving good UX suggestions and sharing useful knowledge with the team. We worked together closely for the development of financial tools and the collaboration was seamless and smooth.
    Lucie Liew
    Senior Product DesignerPropertyGuru Pte. Ltd.
  • In the few interactions I had with Dom, I can say that he has a lot of enthusiasm to learn new things, takes initiative and is very knowledgeable too. He not only voluntarily picked up a few growth tasks when he had time but also always contributed to making the team do better by providing his inputs wherever he sees scope for improvement.
    Lakshmi Bhandaram
    Product Manager (Growth)PropertyGuru Pte. Ltd.
  • Dominic has been a great colleague to work with. He is very much detail-oriented and is fast in execution of tasks. He helps a lot with code reviews and provides useful tips and suggestions. He is very proactive and always ready to help. I really appreciate his sharing sessions. He is also very knowledgeable and is always eager to learn more.
    Abhina Sathyan
    Software EngineerPropertyGuru Pte. Ltd.
  • It is every manager's dream to have an engineer like Dominic in the team. He is self-driven, confident, proactive and smart. He has brought great value to the team by consistently building and delivering software solutions in time and with great quality. He would always be an indispensable asset to any team he works for in the future and has my highest recommendation.
    Hongzheng Liao (Jansen)
    Director (Software)Razer Inc.
  • Not often do you find an engineer with an eye for design details, and Dominic happens to be one of them. I enjoyed working with him on some projects with complex UI (User Interface) design. Whenever he delivers, it's always a joy to see my design come alive as I intended. Any designer would be lucky to have Dominic working on his/her design.
    Gary Lim
    Senior UX DesignerRazer Inc.
  • He's a really good software engineer. His analytical skill is really very good, he can solve difficult business problems by recommending technical solutions while looking at the business case and discussing with the stakeholders.
    Hao Long Chiang (Zack)
    Senior Product DeveloperRazer Inc.
  • I had the pleasure of working with Dominic and he consistently demonstrated a high level of proficiency in front-end development and was able to deliver high-quality work on time and with attention to detail. What stood out to me the most was Dominic's ability to think creatively and proactively offer solutions to complex problems.
    Gertrude Mendoza-Banaag
    Senior Software EngineerRazer Inc.
  • Dominic is a very good colleague to work with. He has excellent engineering and programming skills and I learned a lot from him when doing the same project together. He is also a kind and patient person. I am glad to have worked with him before.
    Jixiang Li
    Software EngineerRazer Inc.
  • Dominic has consistently shown a great aptitude for programming and continuously worked on advancing his knowledge in the field whilst performing his day-to-day functions; A self-learner, he was responsible and instrumental in many successful web and app development projects.
    Vincent Chin
    Managing PartnerHashtag Interactive Pte. Ltd.
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  • If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

    Frederick Douglass

  • It's okay to figure out murder mysteries, but you shouldn't need to figure out code. You should be able to read it.

    Steve McConnell

  • If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

    Albert Einstein

  • The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

    Mark Twain

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