Certificate of Entitlement (COE) Bidding Results

Receive email notifications when the COE premiums have decreased from the latest bidding results from OneMotoring by Land Transport Authority (LTA).

A Certificate of Entitlement (COE) gives you the right to own and use a vehicle in Singapore. All vehicles in Singapore require a COE. To register a vehicle, you must first place a bid for a COE in the corresponding vehicle category. A successful COE bid gives you the right to own a vehicle that can be used on the road for 10 years.

The COE bidding system is a monthly auction where bidders outbid each other to obtain a COE during the bidding exercise by keying in the reserve price. The reserve price is the maximum bid amount that a bidder is prepared to pay for the COE. The bidding process is conducted by the LTA and the results are published on their OneMotoring website.

Bidding exercises usually start at 12pm on the first and third Monday of the month, and last for 3 working days. The exercises end in the same week, at 4pm on Wednesday, if there is no public holiday in between. If you are thinking of buying a vehicle, it is important to keep track of the COE premiums so that you can make an informed decision.

SG Alerts is a free notification service that monitors the COE bidding results published by the LTA. It sends you an email notification when the COE premiums have decreased from the latest bidding results.

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