Bukit Batok Driving Centre Appointment Slots

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Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC) is one of the leading driving school centres in Singapore. They offer comprehensive and systematic driving and riding courses to individuals and qualified drivers including Class 3 and Class 3A Motorcar and Class 2B Motorcycle.

If you plan to enrol for a course at BBDC, you may need to book an appointment for opening of new account and other counter services. The appointment slots for these services are sometimes fully booked and you will need to constantly check the BBDC website for available appointment slots.

SG Alerts is a free service that helps you to get notified when there are new appointment slots available at BBDC. You will receive an email notification when new appointment slots are available. If there's an earlier date available, you will also be notified. You save time and effort by not having to check the BBDC website manually every day.

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